Thank you for visiting this older Web App version of EDCOIN Smart Staking.

Please note that this Web App has been replaced by our community’s MASTER EDCOIN WALLET.

MASTER EDCOIN WALLET @ ME Wallet is our community’s all-in-one application for all things EDCOIN.

ME Wallet is available on Google Playstore for all Android phone users.

The all-new ME Wallet Web App is available for desktop and iOS phone users.

You can use the same login username/email and password to access your staking details in your MASTER EDCOIN WALLET.

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If you have previously staked EDC through this website…

1. You can use your EDCOIN Smart Staking Login User ID/Email and password when you download MASTER EDCOIN WALLET @ ME WALLET from Google Playstore or via our all new MASTER EDCOIN WALLET WEB APP .

2. You will not need to perform the KYC again as the KYC you performed for the purposes of EDCOIN Smart Staking earlier is still valid.

3. You can view your EDCOIN Smart Staking balances, staking status and transaction logs in your MASTER EDCOIN WALLET.

4. For assistance from EDCOIN CUSTOMER SUPPORT, please reach out to us via our FRESHDESK TICKETING SYSTEM. To learn more, you can refer to our
Telegram channel update: https://t.me/EDCOIN_OFFICIAL/410 or our
Telegram group update: https://t.me/EDcoinFinance/65479.

5. Please note: In order to protect both EDCOIN Admins and EDCOINERS from scammers, please do not direct message (DM) admins. Only communicate with EDCOIN CUSTOMER SUPPORT via our FRESHDESK TICKETING SYSTEM. Stay smart. Stay safe. Thank you

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